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Using the Dial Pad

Requirements: The Dial Pad is available only if you are connected to a CIC server running 4.0 SU 6 or later.

The Dial Pad enables you to dial a phone number to make a call, send DTMF tones to a connected call or the currently selected call, or make selections from an automated telephone menu system. The Dial Pad can also send DTMF tones through a connected SIP Soft Phone.

To display the Dial Pad:

  • In the My Interactions sidebar, click the Dial Pad icon.

To use the Dial Pad:

  1. Click the appropriate buttons on the Dial Pad to dial a phone number.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you do not have a connected interaction or the selected interaction is on hold, the numbers appear in the Dial a number field. Click Dial to dial the number.

    • If you have a connected or selected interaction that is not on hold, the numbers are sent to the interaction. You make selections from an automated telephone menu system. It’s just like using a touch tone phone Dial Pad.

  1. To end the call:

    • If using your handset, simply hang up the telephone.

    • Select the call in a queue view and click the Disconnect button.

    • Right-click the interaction and select Disconnect from the shortcut menu.

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