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Widgets Plugins Configuration

Requirements: See Widgets.

The Plugins page of the Widgets view has settings specific to each type of widget. To configure a specific type of widget, set the appropriate toggle switch to ON and expand the corresponding section of the Plugins page.

Expand the following configuration instructions for each type of plugin.

Widgets and the Sidebar

To enable the Callback, Call Us, or Offers widgets you must also add them to the Sidebar. Or you must add some JavaScript code to your website that tells the CXBus to open those widgets.


  • To open the Callback widget, use: window.CXBus.command(“”)
  • To open the CallUs Widget, use: window.CXBus.command(“”)
  • To open the Offers window, use CXBus.command(“”)

These commands could be tied to a button press or a timer. If, for instance, you want an offer to just appear for the customer. Using JavaScript code is really an advanced scenario, but gives you better control over when the widget should appear.

Possible Display Issue

If you use the Sidebar and position it Right and also enable the Chat button in the Web Chat widget configuration, this causes a display issue. The two controls overlap. To avoid this, add the WebChat widget to the Sidebar and do not display the Chat button.

Web Chat


Call Us




Select the appropriate provider from the Bot Provider dropdown list, then expand the appropriate section below for configuration instructions.

  • Amazon Lex

  • Genesys Intelligent Automation

  • Google DialogFlow

  • IBM Watson


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