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Widgets Unrestricted Properties Configuration

Requirements: To configure Unrestricted Properties, you need the Widget Configuration Master Security right. For more information, see Widgets.

Use the Unrestricted Properties page to control which properties Supervisors can configure. These are usually limited to low-risk properties that are directly related to their jobs. Supervisors are users who can display the Widgets view but can configure only selected options. Supervisors have the Widgets List Administrator Access right, but do not have the Widget Configuration Admin Security right.


You might enable Supervisors to control ACD routing by allowing them to change which ACD enabled workgroup receives chats. You would give Supervisors the right to change the Webchat: Target Name. Supervisors could then change chat routing in an emergency, for a holiday, or in anticipation of an increased workload.

To set Unrestricted Properties, do one of the following:

  • To add a property, click in the Unrestricted Properties for Supervisor box and select a property.

  • To remove a property, click the X before the name of a selected property.

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