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Dialer Reports

Dialer reports run in IC Business Manager's Interaction Reporter module. Interaction Reporter allows managers to run pre-defined reports, using filters to configure report parameters. Report Filters can be saved to run reports again. Users can annotate, print, and export any report.

NOTE: For more detailed information about Dialer reports, see Interaction Reporter Help in the PureConnect Documentation Library.

Dialer reports use the same IC Data source as all other reports in Interaction Reporter, which is IC Report Logs. This data source is already configured for CIC using the IC Data Sources container in Interaction Administrator. No additional configuration is required to run Dialer reports.

Dialer Reports in Interaction Reporter

The Dialer reports available in Interaction Reporter include:

Agent Success Results

This report displays detailed information about an Agent's success on Dialer calls that were routed to the agent.

Call History

This report displays detailed information for all dialing results from call history.

Campaign Disposition Summary

This report contains an analysis of call dispositions, by Agent-assigned dispositions and Dialer-assigned dispositions, with wrap-up category and wrap-up code breakdown.

Campaign Statistics

This report displays dialing algorithm statistics by interval including record and agent counts,pace, and campaign events.

Campaign Success Results

This report displays a campaign analysis by interval, including: Agent, Dials, Contacts, Successes, Right Party Contacts (RPC), and actual results.

Call Analysis

This report displays a breakdown of call analysis results in summary, by hour of day, and by detailed result.

Agent Utilization

This report displays time usage information by agent across all campaigns, including: talk, ACW, non-Dialer, idle, break, preview.

Agent Disposition Summary

This report displays detailed information about agent-assigned call dispositions, with an analysis of call counts and call lengths by disposition.

Agent Utilization by Campaign

This report displays time usage information for agents, by campaign, on Dialer-related tasks.

Best Time to Call Analysis

This report displays an hourly breakdown of contacts, right party contacts, and success rates for one or multiple campaign groups. The report consists of a main report with summarized data per Site ID, Campaign name and Campaign Group. This data is followed by a line chart that allows comparison of Contacts, RPC and Success based on number of Dials.

Call Answer Distribution

This report displays summary data and a graph with analysis on the number of seconds it takes for Dialer calls to be answered. This data provides guidance for setting the no-answer timeout value.