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About Genesys Cloud for PureConnect

Genesys Cloud is a cloud collaboration, communications, and customer engagement platform that takes full advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud.

Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Integration enriches your CIC users’ experience by using the power and data of PureConnect and Genesys Cloud collaborative features. Genesys Cloud connects by means of a standard SCIM-based API. This API offers efficient user synchronization between both premise and cloud versions of PureConnect to Genesys Cloud. This integration enables PureConnect to consume services such as WebRTC, co-browse, and Salesforce Object Routing from Genesys Cloud. Information such as CIC users and statuses are automatically and continuously synced into a paired Genesys Cloud organization.

PureConnect can act as an Identity Provider for Genesys Cloud. Using PureConnect as an IDP enables PureConnect users to employ their PureConnect user IDs and passwords to log on to Genesys Cloud from a browser. PureConnect users do not then need separate Genesys Cloud user IDs and passwords.

The Genesys Cloud Conduit for PureConnect is a separate feature of the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Integration. It is a PureConnect subsystem that sends event data to Genesys Cloud. The initial type of conversation event data is interaction data relating to customer journey. Cloud-based AI services such as Genesys Predictive Engagement can then consume this conversation event data. The Genesys Cloud Conduit for PureConnect requires a Genesys Cloud organization configured in Interaction Administrator. A configuration option in Interaction Administrator activates the Genesys Cloud Conduit for PureConnect.

For more information about the integration, see the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Administrator's Guide in the PureConnect Documentation Library.


CIC requirements

The Genesys Cloud for PureConnect integration requires CIC 2016 R3 or later. Advanced features like Co-browse and the web-based phone require later versions of CIC.

Enabling PureConnect as a Genesys Cloud SSO provider requires CIC 2020 R2 or later.

Note: The currently available Genesys Cloud for PureConnect features are supported both for on-premises and PureConnect Cloud. The web-based phone feature requires a Genesys Cloud Edge server on the customer’s premises.

Genesys Cloud Organization

Your CIC server can integrate with only one Genesys Cloud organization. Your Genesys Cloud organization is created for you and you receive a welcome email to activate your admin account in Genesys Cloud. The organization is provisioned with the following:

  • The base functionality required for your Genesys Cloud integration.

  • An admin console you can use to configure your Genesys Cloud integration.

  • A user with the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect Admin role, which includes default admin permissions, single sign-on, and any integration-specific permissions.

Make a note of these items in your Genesys Cloud organization:

  • Administrator email address

  • Administrator password

  • Organization short name - generated from the organization long name, in compliance with DNS restrictions (a-z, 0-9, A-Z)

  • Region

Note: If you are unsure of the organization short name, log on to Genesys Cloud and navigate to Admin>Account Settings>Organization Settings. Both the organization long name and short name appear here.

PureCloudAdmin user

Before you configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect, create the PureCloudAdmin user in Interaction Administrator. The name of the administrator for the Genesys Cloud organization used in this integration can be the same or different.

Note: Previous versions of this integration created this user automatically. If the PureCloudAdmin user already exists, you can continue to use it.

Important! The CIC system employs the PureCloudAdmin user for the connection to Genesys Cloud and the associated Genesys Cloud Bridge connectors. The Genesys Cloud Bridge connectors use the PureCloudAdmin user credentials to establish the connection to the CIC server. Do not modify or delete the PureCloudAdmin user.

PureConnect users

To sync properly, Genesys Cloud for PureConnect requires that PureConnect user accounts have the following information configured in the Users container:

  • Personal Info tab>Internet tab>Business Email

The following is recommended:

  • Personal Info tab>General tab>Display Name

    Note: Display name defaults to the user name, if not supplied. If you later add a display name, the integration updates the Genesys Cloud information.

After you configure the integration, you can change the values of these attributes in the Genesys Cloud Admin web interface.

Notes: Ideally you configure all of your users in Interaction Administrator before you configure the integration. However, if you configure more users after you configure the integration, Genesys Cloud for PureConnect automatically syncs them for you.

If you do not configure the required Email address for PureConnect users, the integration does not sync the users to your Genesys Cloud organization.

Genesys Cloud for PureConnect syncs the following CIC user information in the Genesys Cloud organization:

  • Display name (Defaults to user name if not supplied)
    User Configuration>Personal Info tab>General tab> Display Name

  • Email address (required)
    User Configuration>Personal Info tab>Internet tab>Business Email

  • Business phone and Business 2 phone (Work Phone and Work Phone 2 in Genesys Cloud)

  • Mobile phone (Cell Phone in Genesys Cloud)

  • Home phone

  • Fax number (Other Phone in Genesys Cloud)

We recommend that you configure the required (and optional) CIC user information before you configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect. However, if you configure more users after you configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect, the integration automatically syncs them for you.

User passwords and permissions

If an agent uses Genesys Cloud for PureConnect integration from a CIC client, the agent does not need a Genesys Cloud password.

However, if the user chooses to log on manually to Genesys Cloud without using the integration, the user must create a Genesys Cloud password. CIC user passwords are separate from Genesys Cloud user passwords. They may be different passwords. If a user chooses a different password in Genesys Cloud, it does not affect their ability to log on to any CIC client.

CIC does not recognize Genesys Cloud roles and permissions. Genesys Cloud does not recognize CIC user security settings.

Genesys Cloud Bridge considerations

The Genesys Cloud for PureConnect configuration installs Genesys Cloud Bridge on the CIC server. Genesys Cloud Bridge manages the data transfer between the CIC server and Genesys Cloud.

Note: As of CIC 2019 R4, the Genesys Cloud for PureConnect integration no longer supports off-server bridges.


When you configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect on the active server in a Switchover pair, Genesys Cloud Bridge is automatically installed on both the active and backup servers. The bridge operates independently from the active and backup CIC servers.

If the backup server is down at the time that you configure Genesys Cloud for PureConnect, a bridge will be installed on the backup server the next time that CIC is started.

If the primary CIC server stops, but the computer itself is healthy and running, then the bridge on that computer automatically talks to the new Primary CIC server after the switchover completes.

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