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There are four main logical contact entity labels used by Interaction Tracker. These labels are what appears in the Tracker Client. The singular and plural default values can be changed to any label. For example, you may want to see  Person\People, Division\Divisions, Company\Companies or ConnValue for iAddress, instead of the label defaults. Each label is limited in length to 15 characters:


This entity is where the information specific to a person is stored. Individuals can belong to either a location or an Organization; however, they are not required to belong to either.  By default, an individual inherits some of the parent location or organization information, like business address and phone number.  


The Location entity typically corresponds to physical location. By default, a location inherits some of the parent organization information, like address and phone number.  Locations must belong to an Organization.


The Organization entity typically correspond to companies.  Organizations can have individuals directly associated with them, although it is more likely that individuals will be associated with Locations.


The iAddresses entity is where the physical addresses for organizations, locations, and individuals are stored.  Addresses have types, such as Home, Business, Business2, Shipping, etc.  You can extend the address types.  An address entry can also be flagged as the default.

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