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Configure the Interactions Tab

Requirements: You need the Customize Client Security right to configure the Interactions tab. Client templates can contain configuration settings that determine your Interaction History Result Settings and control whether you can alter configuration settings.

The interactions displayed in the Interactions tab of the Related Items view are based on the contact for the currently selected interaction and are limited to past interactions that match the selected criteria. Only interactions for the current contact are included in the search.

You can configure the maximum number of related interactions displayed in the Interactions tab of the Properties for Contact, Properties for Organization or Properties for Location dialog boxes.

To configure Interactions Tab search criteria:

  1. In the Configuration dialog box, click the Tracker node.

Result: The Tracker properties details pane of the Configuration dialog box appears.

  1. From the Show interactions from the previous drop-down list, select a time limit:

    • Week

    • Month

    • 3 Months

  1. From the Maximum number of interactions to show drop-down list, select the maximum number of related interactions you want to appear at one time in the Related Items view or Interaction History tab:

    • 10

    • 50

    • 100

  1. Click Apply to save your settings.

  2. Click OK to close the dialog box.

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