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Working with Related Interactions

Requirements: Some Interaction Tracker functions are available only if you have the appropriate licenses and security rights. For more information, see Tracker Licensing.

Interaction Tracker enables you to associate interactions with Tracker contacts, organizations and locations.  You can search for and review this related interaction history in several ways:

  • Related Items

You can display views of the most recent interactions with external callers:

    • The Interactions tab displays a list of interactions associated with the contact for the currently selected interaction. Only interactions for the current contact appear in this view. For more information, see Use the Interactions Tab.

Note: Only successful interactions (those connected to an agent or a station) appear in this view. Voicemails and abandoned interactions are not included.

    • The Conversation History tab displays a list of email interactions associated with the currently selected email interaction. For more information, see Use the Conversation History Tab.

  • Interaction History

You can view a list of the most recent interactions with a selected Tracker contact, organization, or location in the Interactions tab of the Properties for Contact, Properties for Organization, or Properties for Location dialog boxes. For more information, see Interaction History.

  • Interaction Search

You can use the Find Interactions Wizard to locate related interactions and review the associated Tracker information. For more information, see Find Related Interactions.

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