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Listen Button

Requirements: The "Listen" Interaction Command Right determines if the Listen button can appear on a toolbar. It also controls whether the Listen In command appears on a shortcut menu or is available via a keyboard shortcut. The Listen in on Interactions Security right enables you to listen to an interaction appearing in My Interactions. The Monitor Station Queues, Monitor User Queues, or Monitor Workgroup Queues Access Control rights enable you to listen to an interaction appearing on another queue.



Queue Control toolbar

Interaction Properties Dialog Box

Keyboard shortcut


Tip: Keyboard shortcuts work only if you select an interaction in My Interactions or other queue view to ensure that it has focus before you press the keys.


Click the Listen button to listen to a call. You can listen to a caller leaving a voice mail message, to an ongoing call, a call on hold, or to a conference call.

You can also "listen to" (monitor) email, chat, callback or conference interactions.

The parties being listened to or monitored may not be aware that someone is listening to the interaction. For more information, see Determine if Someone is Listening to or Recording Your Interactions.

Tip: Click the Private button while you are connected to an interaction if you do not want anyone to be able to listen to the conversation.

Warning: Genesys disclaims any responsibility for end-user or licensee to comply with federal or state law restrictions regarding Record, Snip, or Listen capabilities of CIC software. The licensee hereby warrants and represents that the end-user or licensee will use the product in compliance with any federal or state law.

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