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Pick Up a Call From a Queue

Requirements: See Pickup. Also, you need the appropriate Access Control rights to view or work with queues other than your own. For more information, see Introduction to Queues.

You can pick up a call in any displayed queue if you have the rights to modify calls in that queue.

Note: If your status is Available, Forward but you are still using the CIC client and you see an incoming call, you cannot pick up the call from the client window. You must let the call forward operation complete, and pick up the call from the ringing phone where the call was forwarded.

To pick up a call from a queue:

  1. Click the queue tab that contains the call you want to pick up.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click a call in the queue and choose Pickup from the shortcut menu.

    • Select the call, then click the Pickup button.

  1. At the Confirmation Needed prompt, click Pickup.

Note: When you work with queues other than My Interactions, CIC prompts you to confirm your action.

Result: You are now connected to the call.

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