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Resolve a Contact

Requirements: Contact Resolution is available to all users in organizations that maintain an Interaction Tracker database. However, some Interaction Tracker functions are available only if you have the appropriate licenses and security rights. For more information, see Tracker Licensing and Rights.

Contact resolution matches your current interaction to a contact in the Interaction Tracker database. The contact is matched against all public contacts and your private contacts. Contact resolution does not attempt to match the contact to private contacts belonging to other users.

You are prompted to resolve a contact only when it cannot be resolved automatically. An unresolved contact occurs when contact resolution cannot find a match to the telephone number associated with the current interaction in any of your private or public Interaction Tracker contact list sources. It can also occur if contact resolution locates more than one contact with a matching telephone number. For more information, see Contact Resolution.

How to Resolve a Contact

When you need to resolve a contact, the Contact Resolution down arrow appears to the left of the caller’s name. If you point to the arrow, a tooltip appears.

To resolve a contact:

  1. Click the Contact Resolution down arrow.

Result: The Contact Resolution drop-down list appears.

Note: The contact’s organization and the name of the Tracker list source containing the contact information appear in parentheses after the contact’s name. Use this information to select the correct contact when multiple matches are found.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Select the appropriate contact from the list of matches.

Result: The name of the selected contact is associated with the interaction and the interaction is resolved.

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