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Contact Resolution

Requirements: Contact Resolution is available to all users in organizations that maintain an Interaction Tracker database. However, some Interaction Tracker functions are available only if you have the appropriate licenses and security rights. For more information, see Tracker Licensing.

Contact Resolution is a process that matches interactions with contacts listed in Interaction Tracker public and private data sources. Contact Resolution uses an RWP (Reverse White Pages) lookup to match the telephone number of the current interaction with a contact in the Interaction Tracker database.

After an Interaction Tracker contact is associated with an interaction, Interaction Tracker Server saves a record of the interaction in the Interaction Tracker database. Contact Resolution helps ensure more accurate data for trend analysis or other research.

Contact Resolution Process

Contact resolution uses the following rules to determine if a contact match is made.

  • If only one match is found, the interaction is resolved.

  • If one private contact match and one public contact match are found, then the private contact match is used and the interaction is resolved.

Note: Interaction Contact list sources are defined as either public or private by the administrator of the Interaction Tracker database. Private Interaction Contact list sources are searched only for inbound interactions. For more information, contact your CIC administrator.

  • If the number of private and public contact matches is greater than one, and the number of private contact matches is not exactly one, then the interaction is considered unresolved. You are prompted to resolve the contact.

If the Interaction Tracker contact resolution process results in a match, the contact is considered resolved and you don't need to do anything. If an appropriate contact is not found, you can search for another match or add a new contact. For more information, see Resolve a Contact.

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