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Director Send Response Tool

This Director tool sends a response message to a previous message received from the Director server. The received message may have come from Director itself or from another monitored CIC server. The Director server identifies where the response should go and what message it is for using the destination ID and correlation ID values. These must be copied from the original message.

Note: This is not a general purpose tool and can only be used under limited circumstances. This tool can appear on both an Interaction Director server and a CIC monitored server.


Message Handle

This is a handle to a previously created UMF message that presumably has been populated with values expected in response to the original message.

Response Correlation Id

This value identifies which message the response is for and should be copied from that original message

Response Destination Id

This value identifies the sender of the original message and should be copied from there.



Exit Paths


This path is taken if the response message was sent.


This path indicates that the message could not be sent.

Unknown Destination

This path is taken when the supplied destination ID is not known by the Director server

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