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Documentation Practices

Use File/Properties to document handler

Instead of using notes for the initiator, use the File Properties dialog to document a handler.

Use assignment steps to document a series of steps

Use an assignment step labeled "ReadMe for steps X to Y" to document a series of steps.

Paste statement into step notes

Paste the statement value into the step notes in order to document the condition and to make editing easier. Make changes to the statement in the notes and then paste the changes into the statement value.

Indicate changes in step label

Anytime you make changes to a production handler or a handler that someone else wrote, indicate which steps you changed by changing the step label. Add an "*" before the label along with your initials. Also indicate the changes you made in the step notes. You or someone else can then easily find any changes made to the handler by using the QuickJump utility. Steps with "*" labels will be at the top of the list.

ACD Queue Tips

Database Practices

Efficiency Practices

General Handler Authoring Practices

Handler Best Practices

Limiting the Impact on Interaction Processor

Overall Project Tips

Overview of Building Handlers and Subroutines


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