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Prompt Scripts

Have the customer fill out a form for exactly what they want. This form should include not only each specific prompt that the customer wants, but also how the customer wants each prompt to be worded.

Record Prompts using phone with a high quality headset

When it is not possible to use a professional recording studio, prompt recordings should be done over the phone using a high quality, noise-canceling headset. Record the prompts as a voicemail to yourself and save the voicemail attachments.

Note: The format of the resulting voicemail message depends on the voicemail compression settings in Interaction Administrator. Depending on the settings, you might need to convert the files to the appropriate format. CIC IVR prompts require the format CCITT, u-Law, 8 kHz, 80-bit, mono. Recordings made in Interaction Attendant are in the u-Law format.

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