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Overall Project Tips

Protecting default handlers and customized handlers

  • Keep custom handlers in their own separate directory.

  • Write-protect the default system handlers either at the file or directory level to avoid inadvertent changes.

  • Store modified, default system handlers separately from the default handlers and any custom handlers.

  • Avoid making any changes to the default handlers.

  • If you must make changes, use subroutines whenever possible.

  • If you find that you always end up making changes to certain default system handlers, request the addition of a customization point by Genesys.

Backup customer handlers in office

If you are creating handlers for a third party, don’t count on your customer to be able to adequately back up custom handlers themselves. Maintain copies of their handlers off site. This also protects you from any changes they might make to the handlers you have written for them.

Handler naming using company name prefix

When creating handlers for a third party, name customer-specific handlers with a common prefix in order to more easily sort, publish and manage them. However, you should avoid attaching specific company or project names to handlers in case you need to reuse the handler for another project.

Reuse code across projects

Avoid naming handlers and variables and other items after clients or projects so that you can easily reuse the handlers for other clients or projects. This is especially true with subroutines that act like functions.

Handler Design Project Management Tips

Plan out handlers using call flow Visio diagrams. Make sure all paths for all options in the call flow end with specific requirements. A common mistake is to leave most of the detail out of the minor options. Get a sign-off on the call flow scope of work before starting. No work should be done without a signed call flow.

Use server parameters for information specific to site

Use server parameters to customize handlers for certain projects or provide specific names to handler items.

ACD Queue Tips

Database Practices

Documentation Practices

Efficiency Practices

General Handler Authoring Practices

Handler Best Practices

Limiting the Impact on Interaction Processor

Overview of Building Handlers and Subroutines


Troubleshooting Tips