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Interaction Supervisor


Interaction Supervisor is CIC's real-time performance monitoring system. Interaction Supervisor displays metrics and sends notifications when user-defined thresholds are reached. It satisfies the demanding requirements of executives, supervisors, managers, and IT professionals who need immediate operational information and automatic notification when special events occur. Interaction Supervisor reveals what's going on in a contact center or business, by monitoring an assortment of entities, including:

  • People. Given sufficient access privileges, a supervisor can select a user and see his or her interactions and current status.

  • Interactions. A supervisor can highlight a phone call and listen in, initiate a recording, whisper into the agent's ear, join the call, take the call, and perform other telephony operations. Similar operations are provided for non-telephonic interactions such as queued emails, and text chats.

  • Queues. Interaction Supervisor indicates the performance of workgroups and activity in their associated queues, by displaying average wait times, talk times, calls currently in queue, and many other metrics.

  • Processes. Managers can inspect workflow objects as they traverse through business process flows. Interaction Supervisor can display where a process object is along its execution path, how long it has been in transit, where it's currently held up, who is supposed to be working on it, and other details.

  • CIC. Interaction Supervisor helps IT personnel monitor the health and performance of CIC servers, notifying them when problems occur.  For example, an e-mail notification can be sent to system administrators if disk space falls below a customizable threshold.

  • Add-on Product Domains. Interaction Supervisor is not limited to reporting events and activity on CIC systems. Views can apply to other product domains, such as Interaction Dialer, Interaction Director and Interaction Optimizer, for example. Supervisor's extensible architecture allows new functionality to be added when add-on products are installed. Supplemental views plug-in to Supervisor, subject to license restrictions and assignment of user rights.

What's New

See Change Log for information about enhancements, documentation updates, and new features in Interaction Supervisor released in CIC GA and subsequent service updates.

  • A note about client applications: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports two interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer to either Interaction Connect or Interaction Desktop.


Information in Interaction Supervisor is presented by views.  Generally speaking, views in Interaction Supervisor display statistics, graphs, queues, and in some cases, reports.  When you add a view, it is configured to display precisely the data you want to see. A comprehensive assortment of views is available. Interaction Supervisor organizes views of a similar nature by product or category, to make the selection of views easier.

For example, views in the Agents and Workgroups category pertain to agent, team, and workgroup activity. Views in the System Status category indicate the health of CIC subsystems. This documentation discusses views by category, to mimic the way Supervisor is used in practice.

Views are always added to a workspace. Workspaces organize views, including views from different application modules. Views within a workspace may be docked relative to other views any way you like.

Once you learn Supervisor's basic features and controls, you can use similar techniques with all views. And since Supervisor is a component of IC Business Manager, it works like other application modules.  Views are added by selecting New > View from the File menu. See Manage Views.

Access to Views is controlled by License Assignment

The views available in IC Business Manager are controlled by CIC server license. When a user logs in to IC Business Manager, it enables all views for which that user has access rights.  Access is governed by the license file on the CIC server and by the assignment of security and access rights in Interaction Administrator.  The total number of licenses available is enforced by CIC.  Contact your CIC System Administrator if a needed view is unavailable after you logon. See Licenses, Security and Access Control Rights and access-related information in topics that describe each view category.


Alerts enhance Interaction Supervisor's ability to display real-time information. Alerts notify the user when a statistic enters a user-defined threshold, is within bounds, or is no longer within a range of values.  Alerts are displayed in Supervisor using color coded icons and conspicuous text attributes. Alerts can optionally send email notifications, play sounds, or invoke a handler.  You can base alerts for calls longer than a specific duration, average hold time greater than a given value, and many other metrics.  See Manage Alerts.

Accessing documentation from the Help Menu

The Help menu in IC Business Manager links to user assistance for other application modules. If the information you are looking for is not in this file, use the Help menu to locate other IC Business Manager documentation.