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Manage Alerts

Alerts enhance Interaction Supervisor's ability to report real-time information. An alert notifies when a statistic enters a user-defined threshold, is within bounds, or is no longer within a range of values. 

Alerts for telephone calls can be based on calls longer than a specific duration, average hold time greater than a given value, and many other metrics. Moreover, alerts can be set for any statistic in Supervisor. For example, an IT administrator can set an alert that notifies when server disk space falls below a minimum threshold.

Alerts can be displayed in Supervisor using color coded icons and text attributes to highlight a metric. Alerts can optionally send email notifications, play sounds, or invoke a handler. 

A statistic can have multiple alert conditions, each with its own alert action and notification options.  For example, an alert can have a condition that warns when a non-critical threshold is reached, and another that sends email notifications when critical conditions exist.

Alert-Related Procedures

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Current Active Alerts dialog

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