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Add/Edit Alert dialog

This dialog allows alert conditions to be added for a statistic. The Add/Edit alerts dialog appears when an alert is added or edited. The example above shows a statistic that has two alert conditions set. Clicking the row for an alert condition enables the Edit button.

Statistic group

Selects the statistic group used to categorize similar types of statistics.


Selects a statistic within the selected group to base an alert upon.

Statistic Parameters

Statistics have parameters that quantify what the statistics displays information about. For example, a statistic for Longest Talk Time has three parameters: workgroup, agent, and period interval (such as current shift). This configures the statistic to a particular agent, workgroup queue, and time frame.

Supervisor prompts for parameters that apply to the type of statistic selected. For this reason, you will see different parameter prompts in this section of the dialog.

Alerts list

Rows in this list correspond to previously set alert conditions. An alert condition specifies how the alert is triggered (between two values, exceeds a value, etc.), the severity of the alert, which determines the color of the alert icon, and actions to take when the alert is triggered.

To edit an alert, click on its row to enable the Edit… button. Pressing that button opens the Add/Edit Alert Condition dialog.

Add button

Opens the Add/Edit Alert Condition dialog to create a new alert condition.

Edit button

Opens the Add/Edit Alert Condition dialog to edit a selected alert condition.

Remove button

Removes the selected alert condition.

OK button

Saves changes and dismisses the dialog.

Cancel button

Closes the dialog without saving changes.