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Alert-related dialogs

The following dialogs appear when an alert is added, opened for editing, when active alerts are viewed, or when all alerts are managed from one dialog.



Add/Edit Alert dialog

Manages multiple alert conditions for a statistic.

Add/Edit Alert Condition dialog

Sets a single alert condition, icon display, and parameters.

Add/Add an Alert Action dialog

Selects the action performed when the alert condition is met

Edit Alert Font Color dialog

Configures text attributes of the alert.

Play a sound on Alert dialog

Configures audio to play for an alert.

Send an Email on Alert dialog

Configures email notifications sent by an alert.

Execute a Custom Handler on Alert dialog

Configures invocation of custom handler by an alert.

Current Active Alerts dialog

Displays list of active alerts set by the current user.

Manage Alerts dialog

Displays all alerts set by the user and optionally all alerts set on the system.