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The PureConnect Release Notes pages outline most key new features introduced in older releases, including CIC 4.0, CIC 2015, and CIC 2016. These pages include all of the new features and visible changes starting in PureConnect 2017 and later. It presents the features in order from the newest (the latest PureConnect 2021 release) to the oldest (CIC 4.0 GA). Following the CIC feature descriptions, the Separately Released Products section describes older products that Genesys released outside the CIC release cycle. The Product Notices section contains notifications about changes in sales and support status for Genesys PureConnect products, or third party products.

The Release Notes web app combines all of the PureConnect Release Notes content plus all of the Readme file data in one app that lets you search and filter content by release and by product. This web app will be enhanced over time, so please send feedback on how you use it.

For a webinar presentation about new features introduced in recent CIC releases, see the Webinars page in the PureConnect Release Information site (requires credentials).

Note: See also the PureConnect for Salesforce Release Notes and What's new in PureConnect for Salesforce, which provides more details about the PureConnect for Salesforce Integration.

For a printable PDF version of the Release Notes pages, see the Printable Documentation page.

Each release and each patch release includes a system-generated Readme and Summary file that includes a detailed list of public changes that are included in the release. Those files are available on the PureConnect Product Downloads page next to the release/patch download file (requires credentials).