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Call Recording Terminology

Understanding the following terms will help you use the Call Recordings portlet in Interaction Web Portal.


In Interaction Web Portal, recordings are phone call interactions that are recorded and saved on your Interaction Recorder server. You can create these recordings manually, such as when you click the Record button in the CIC client, or Customer Interaction Center (CIC) users, workgroups, roles, or telephone numbers can create them automatically. The Call Recordings portlet in Interaction Web Portal allows you to access these recordings, as long as you have the required rights.

Recording Details

Each recording has many attributes, or details. These attributes include the date and time for which the recording was made, the name of the CIC client user participating in the call, and other details. These details are saved with the recording so that you can search for groups of recordings based on their details.


Queries are pre-defined or ad-hoc searches you can use to search for recordings across one or more categories. Pre-defined queries are defined in Interaction Recorder and you can select one to run from the Call Recordings portlet. You can also run your own ad-hoc queries from the Call Recordings portlet by specifying the date and time range, workgroups, and users for which you want to filter the call recording data. 


Scorecards contain questions that pertain to recordings are used for quality control purposes and to evaluate agents' performance. In Interaction Web Portal, you can view any completed scorecards that are associated with a recording.