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Search Recordings

Queries allow you to request a list of recordings based on the filter criteria you specify.

Accessing Recording Searches

You can access pre-defined queries or run ad-hoc queries from the recording viewer.

To access recording queries:

Do one of the following:

  • Click Open Recording Searches in the Call Recordings portlet on the Interaction Web Portal home page.

  • Click the Call Recordings link in the Interaction Web Portal footer.  

The recording viewer appears.

Types of Searches

There are two types of recording queries in Interaction Web Portal:

  • Pre-defined searches - These are queries that were already defined in Interaction Recorder. You can access pre-defined queries in Interaction Web Portal if you have the appropriate rights.

  • Custom searches - These are queries you run in Interaction Web Portal to view a list of recordings. You can filter the list for a particular ranges of dates/times, workgroups, and users.

Run a Pre-defined Search

You can create pre-defined queries in Interaction Recorder, but you can access them from Interaction Web Portal if you have the appropriate rights.

To select and run a pre-defined query:

  • In the recording viewer, select the query from the Pre-defined queries list.

The list of recordings appears in the recording viewer.

Run a Custom Search

A custom query lets you quickly display a list of call recordings that match the criteria you specify. When you run a custom search, Interaction Web Portal uses the Service Administrator account to check the security polices and not your account.

Note: Before you can run a custom query, your administrator must enable ad-hoc queries for your organization. For more information, see your administrator. Also, users with associated CIC accounts must have a license for feedback surveys or the option to search surveys does not appear in the portlet.

To run a custom query:

  1. In the recording viewer, click Run custom search.

    The Custom recording search dialog box appears.

  2. From the Search for list, select the type of recordings to include. Options include Recordings, Only scored recordings, Only surveyed interactions, and Scored recordings or surveyed interactions.
    The Scored recordings or surveyed interactions options return recording and feedback scores and allow users to open the scorecard and feedback survey associated with each result.

  3. If you select one of the scored recordings options and you only want to include scorecards that require a supervisor to sign off, select the Scorecard sign-off needed check box.

  4. Specify the date/time range for the query. These fields default to the last dates and times that were entered.

Note: An administrator can specify a maximum number of days to include in this date range.

  1. From the list of workgroups, select the check box for each workgroup for which you want to retrieve recordings.

  2. In the Find scorecards/surveys from specified users box, specify a list of users for whom you want to retrieve recordings.

  3. Click Search.
    The list of recordings appears in the recording viewer.

Maximum Number of Recordings

The default maximum number of recordings that Interaction Web Portal displays in search results is 250, but your administrator can change that number.

Refresh a Query

You can refresh query results to view any updates that have been made since the query results were last displayed.

To refresh a query:

  • Click the Refresh last query button to update the current query with the latest data.

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