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Set Statistics Options for an Organization

An administrator can configure the following options for statistics on the Statistics tab under Portal Management.

Enabling or Disabling the Statistics Portlet

If an organization does not plan to use the Statistics portlet, you can hide it.

Do one of the following:

  • To hide the Statistics portlet, clear the Enabled check box.

  • To show the portlet, select the Enabled check box.

Default Rotation Interval for the Statistics Carousel

The Initial Rotation Interval determines the default interval at which the statistics carousel switches to the next statistic. This value is set for the organization, but a user can set their individual preference below the Statistics Panel to override this value. A user's individual preference is stored locally on his or her machine.  

The available intervals are:

  • Thirty Seconds

  • One Minute

  • Two Minutes

  • Five Minutes

  • Ten Minutes

  • Fifteen Minutes

  • Thirty Minutes

  • One Hour

  • Manual

Note: When set to Manual, the statistics do not rotate. The user must click the arrows or dot controls to display a new statistic.

Statistics Panels

In the Statistics Panels section, you can specify the chart panels you want to appear in the statistics carousel for the users in the current organization. Each chart panel can contain one or more statistics.

You can also specify the following:

  • The type of chart to display (label value pair, bar chart, column chart, or line chart) for a statistic.

  • Any related reports to display for a statistic.

  • Whether or not statistics can be viewed on mobile devices.

Add a Chart Panel

Edit a Chart Panel

Delete a Chart Panel

Reorder the List of Chart Panels

Save Your Changes

Click Save to save your changes to click on an another tab to make more changes for the same organization.

If you click on a different organization before you save your changes to the current organization, the portal notifies you that the organization has changed and asks you to confirm the changes before continuing to the newly selected organization.