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Set Service Indicator Default Settings

Interaction Web Portal uses the service-level indicator settings to help you monitor the percentage of interactions that are within specified service-level criteria.

A service-level indicator appears on the portal's Home page in the Statistics portlet. The settings you specify here determine the workgroup for which the indicator is displayed, the type of interactions included, the time interval, and accumulative histogram. Note that a user can override the default settings by changing the workgroup or interval from the Statistics portlet. For more information about overriding the default settings, see Change the Service-Level Indicator Workgroup and Interval.

To set the default settings:

  1. On the Service Indicator tab under Portal Management, do one of the following:

    • To enable the indicator, selected the Enabled check box.

    • To disable the indicator, clear the Enabled check box.

  1. From the Workgroup list, select the workgroup for which the indicator should display service-level results. This setting changes the default workgroup. A user can select a different workgroup.

Note: Once a user opens the portal Home page, any changes to the default workgroup do not apply to that user.

  1. From the Interaction Type list, select the appropriate interaction type to include in the service-level indicator. The available options are All objects, Call, Chat, Generic, and Callback.

  1. From the Service Level Interval list, select the time period that you want the service-level indicator to represent. The service level intervals correspond to the service levels that are configured in Interaction Administrator on the Configuration page under Workgroup Configuration.

Note: Once a user opens the portal Home page, any changes to the default service level interval do not apply to that user.

  1. From the Accumulative histogram list, select an interval. The accumulative histogram summarizes interactions that are serviced in that interval and displays the results in the workgroup's service indicator in the Interaction Statistics portlet. The available intervals depend on the selected interaction type. For example, if you select the Call interaction type and the 0-120s interval under Accumulative histogram, then the service indicator on the Home page displays a summary of the call interactions that were serviced within 120 seconds.

  1. Click Save to save your changes to the organization.