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Work with Statistics

The Statistics portlet displays a Service Level thermometer control that indicates the percentage of interactions that met service-level requirements.

It also displays the first statistic configured in the statistics carousel (or in Portal Management). View the available statistics.

You can click View Statistics to view the statistics carousel.

You can:

Change the Service-Level Indicator Workgroup and Interval

The service-level indicator is a thermometer-like chart that appears in the Interaction Statistics portlet. It indicates the percentage of interactions that are within specified service-level criteria.  

Your administrator determines the default workgroup, interaction type, interval, and accumulative histogram for which the service-level indicator displays data. You can override these defaults, however, and select different settings.

To change the settings for the service-level indicator:

  1. Click the name of the workgroup above the service-level indicator.

  2. In the Service Level Configuration dialog box, select the following to indicate the criteria used to display data in the service-level indicator:

    • The workgroup.

    • The interaction type.

    • The interval. Intervals correspond to the intervals that are configured on the Report Configuration tab in the server configuration in Interaction Administrator.
      The default intervals are as follows:

Service Level

Default Interval

Service Level Distribution 1

0-10 seconds

Service Level Distribution 2

0-20 seconds

Service Level Distribution 3

0-30 seconds

Service Level Distribution 4

0-40 seconds

Service Level Distribution 5

0-50 seconds

Service Level Distribution 6

0-60 seconds

    • Select an interval from the accumulative histogram list. The accumulative histogram summarizes interactions that are serviced in that interval and displays the results in the workgroup's service level indicator. The available intervals depend on the selected interaction type. For example, if you select the Call interaction type and the 0-120s accumulative histogram interval, then the service level indicator displays a summary of the call interactions that were serviced within 120 seconds.

  1. Click OK.

Refresh the Statistics on the Home page

To refresh the service-level indicator, click Refresh below the thermometer control.

To refresh the chart displayed in the Statistics portlet, click Refresh Chart below the chart.

View the Statistics Carousel

To view the statistics carousel, do one of the following:

  • Click Show Statistics in the Statistics portlet.

  • In the Interaction Web Portal footer, click Interaction Statistics.

The statistics carousel appears.

Note the following:

  • By default, the data in the carousel refreshes every 15 seconds.  A user can select a different refresh interval in the statistics carousel page.

  • The carousel rotates at an interval selected by your administrator, but you can override that with your own interval setting. The interval you select from the list below the carousel will be saved locally.

  • You can manually rotate the carousel by clicking the dots or arrows next to the interval setting.

Add New Statistics to the Carousel

New statistics must be added by an administrator who has access to your organization. For more information, see Set Statistics Options.

Modify Chart Types

Statistics charts can appear in several formats:

  • Label value pairs

  • Bar charts

  • Column charts

  • Line charts

  • Pie charts

The format of a chart is determined when it is made available by the administrator. For more information, see Set Statistics Options.

Modify Chart Parameters and Dates

Like chart types, chart parameters and dates are determined by the administrator for your organization. For more information, see Set Statistics Options.

Run a Report Related to a Statistic

The Run Related Report feature allows you to run a report and email the output to one or more email addresses.

If there is a report related to a statistics panel in the carousel, the Run related report link appears in the lower left corner of the panel when it appears in the carousel.

To run a related report:

  1. Click the Run related report link.

The Run Related Report dialog box appears.

  1. Specify the email addresses to which you want to send the output, typing one email address per line.

  2. Click OK.

A confirmation message box appears, listing the email addresses.

  1. Click OK.

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