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View Historical Reports 

Historical reports help you identify usage, trends, and adherence to service levels by your call center over specific periods of time. Historical reports are created in Interaction Scheduled Reports.

Note: Scheduled Reports now supports Interaction Reporter filters.

When you click Show Reports, the portlet displays these lists of reports if they exist:

  • Available Reports - Reports your administrator has made available to your organization.

  • Upcoming Reports - Reports that are scheduled to run.

  • Recent Reports - Reports that were run and are ready for you to download or view.

  • Upcoming Reports - Reports that are scheduled to run.

The reports that appear on the Home page are the most recent three reports that ran. If there are no recent reports to display, the portlet displays the first three reports that are scheduled to run.

Before a user can view a report in the Historical Reports portlet, the following must occur:

  • An administrator must define the report in Interaction Administrator. For more information, see the Interaction Administrator help.

  • An administrator must specify the report criteria, such as the workgroup, in Interaction Scheduled Reports.

  • An administrator must make the report available to the user's organization in Interaction Web Portal. For more For information about assigning reports to organizations, see Set Reporting Options.

Users with access to reports can do the following:

  • Download recent reports.

  • Specify how often to run each available report and its destination and reporting period. Reports can be emailed or sent to a destination.

Download Recent Reports

To download a recent report:

  • In the report viewer, click Download next to the report name and date/time.

Specify Information for Available Reports

To specify the frequency, destination, and date range, see Edit Settings for an Available Report.