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Conference Two or More Chat Sessions

You can create conference chats by bringing members from two or more separate chat sessions into a single chat session. Before you begin, you should have two or more connected chat sessions in your My Interactions view.

Note: You do not have to create multiple chat sessions to add CIC client users to a chat. For more information, see Invite Other Users to Chat.

To conference two or more chat sessions:

  1. Initiate a chat session.

  2. Initiate a second chat session with a different CIC client user.

  3. In your My Interactions view, click and drag one connected chat session onto another connected chat session.

Result: In your My Interactions view, the two chats are placed under a single Chat Conference call object that is identified by "Conference" in the Name column.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any additional participants you want to add to the chat conference or you can Invite Other Users to Chat.

Note: The name of each chat participant appears in the Chat Members section of the Chat Window.

  1. When the session is complete, click the Disconnect button in the Chat window, or on the My Interactions view of the CIC client to end the chat conference.

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