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Configure Your IP Phone

If you have a Managed IP phone, you can configure synchronization between the Do Not Disturb (DND) setting on your phone and your CIC client user status. These configuration settings enable you to specify what CIC sets your  user status to when you activate DND status or turn off DND on your phone.

Note: Your CIC administrator can enable the DND synchronization feature and create custom configuration settings for you in Interaction Administrator. Your CIC administrator also controls whether you can alter these configuration settings. For more information, see Understanding the Configuration Dialog Box.

To configure DND Status Synchronization:

  1. In the Configuration dialog box, click the IP Phone node.

Note: This node is available only if you have a managed IP phone.

  1. From the When I turn the DND button on, set my status to: drop-down list, select the status you want to have when you activate the DND button on your IP phone.

  2. In the When I turn the DND button off section, do one of the following:

    • Select Set my status to the last available status

Result: When you turn DND status off using your phone, your CIC status returns to what it was before you activated the DND button.

    • Select Set my status to and from the drop-down list, select a CIC status.

Result: When you turn DND status off using your phone, your CIC status is set to the status you select here.

  1. Click Apply to save your selections.

  2. Click OK to close the Configuration dialog box.

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