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Fax Viewer List View

Requirements: You must install Interaction Fax on your workstation in order to display the Fax Viewer List view.

The Fax Viewer List view provides a convenient place for you to see all the faxes that have been delivered to you by Customer Interaction Center. You can use this view to review, delete, save, or remove copies of your faxes. The Interaction Fax Viewer opens and displays the faxes selected from this view. For more information, see Use the Fax Viewer.

Note: If your faxes are stored on the server in FBMC mode (File Based Mail Connector) instead of being delivered as email message attachments, you must create a Fax Viewer List view in order to view faxes. Otherwise, the Fax Viewer List view is optional.

To display the Fax Viewer List view:

  1. In the Create New View dialog box, set Group by to Categories, and then from the list of categories, select Unified Messaging.

  1. In the Views list, select Fax Viewer.

  2. Click OK.

Result: The Fax Viewer List view appears.

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