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Journey Map

Journey Mapping is a new Interaction Connect feature. Journey Mapping is a history of interactions between PureConnect client users and outside contacts. It tracks various types of interactions (phone, fax, email, web chat.)


2019 R3 is the official release for Journey Mapping. However, it is also available in 2019 R2 but is disabled by default. You can enable this feature in 2019 R2 by setting the server parameter, EnableJourneymap, to 1.

Requirements: Customers who have Tracker licenses need not buy any new licenses to use this feature. For more information, see Journey Map Licensing and Rights.

Use Journey Mapping to:

  • View an interaction history related to your currently selected interaction in the new Journey Map view..

The Related Interactions tab of the Journey Map view can include past interactions with the current caller, or with anyone in the caller’s organization or with anyone at the same location.