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Using the Dial Pad

When a call is in progress, the dial pad displays the phone number and the amount of time the call has been connected.

Making a Call

The dial pad enables you to place a call or send DTMF tones to a connected call. Sending DTMF tones is useful for making selections from an automated telephone menu system.

Note: Before you can use the dial pad, you must provision your SIP Soft Phone.

Follow these steps to make a call using the dial pad:

  1. To display the dial pad, right-click the SIP Soft Phone icon in the notification area of the Windows task bar, and then click Dial Pad.

  1. Click the appropriate buttons on the dial pad to dial the number. If you make a mistake, click Erase to remove the numbers you clicked one at a time.  

  2. Click Dial to place the call.

Picking up a Call

Note: This functionality will be added in a future service pack.

Ending a Call

To disconnect a call, click End Call.

Placing a Call on Hold

To place a call on hold, click Hold. To retrieve the call from hold, click Hold again.

Muting a Call

To mute a call, click Mute. To unmute the call, click Mute again.

Erasing a Number

To erase a single digit when typing a phone number, click Erase.