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Configure Social Media

Administrators can enable the social media feature, log on to a social media account, and create Facebook and Twitter channels in Interaction Connect.

Requirements: To display the Social Media view, you need the Social Media Administrator Access right and the ACD Social Media license. To add a view to Interaction Connect, you also need the Customize Client Security right. For more information on the requirements for Social Media, see Social Media and the PureConnect Social Media Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.

To configure social media, you:

  1. Add the Social Media view.

    Note: The Social Media view is available in the Administration section of the Add Views dialog box. For more information, see Add or Close Views.

  2. Enable Social Media.

  3. Log on to the corporate Social Media account.

  4. Configure Facebook and Twitter channels.

    Note: You must enable Social Media and log on to your Social Media account before you can configure Facebook and Twitter channels.

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