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Managing Social Media

Requirements for agents: To manage Social Media interactions, agents need the ACD Social Media license. These agents must also belong to a workgroup selected when configuring a Facebook channel or Twitter Channel. The workgroup must also have an ACD queue.

Requirements for administrators: To enable the Social Media feature, the IC server needs the Social Media license. Administrators need the Social Media Administrator Access right and the ACD Social Media license. For more information, see Configure Social Media and the PureConnect Social Media Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.

Note: Social Media interactions are available only in Interaction Connect. Social Media interactions do not appear in Interaction Desktop. PureConnect does not support secure input in Social Media Conversations or Direct Messages. Do not include credit card numbers or other sensitive information in your replies and discourage your customers from doing so.

PureConnect administrators can configure your corporate Facebook page to create a social media conversation anytime a visitor posts a comment. Official company posts become Facebook conversations when anyone posts a comment. Mentions on Twitter become new conversations when Genesys Social Cloud finds keyword matches.

These conversations become ACD-routed interactions. CIC routes these social media interactions just like other ACD interaction types. As an agent, you receive these social media interactions in My Interactions or other workgroup queue view. You use the Current Interaction view to reply to these social media interactions.

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