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Latitude Documentation Library Search

The Latitude Documentation Library search feature is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing so that you can ask questions as you would in a conversation.

How do I search?

You can search the Latitude Documentation Library using terms, phrases, or Natural Language like in the following examples:

  • payments

  • account status

  • How do I change my password

  • What are the installation requirements for Latitude

Search results

The search feature returns up to 100 results (ten on each page) along with a list of the top ten products where the search feature found topics.

Note: The search feature doesn't limit the topics in the search results to the products in the Product (top ten) filter list. For example, the top result of your search is related to "List Builder" but that product isn't in the Product (top ten) filter list.

To improve the data models that Artificial Intelligence uses, Genesys includes feedback options to allow you to help us improve the accuracy of future search results.

Filter results

After you do a search, you can select a product under Product (top ten). The search feature then re-queries the index and displays the results for your search terms and selected product.

To remove the selected product filter, clear the Search box and then press Enter.

Unsupported search entries

The search feature does not support the following:

  • Operators (AND, NOT, OR, +, -)

  • Punctuation (?, ., -. :)

  • Quoted phrases ("agent status", "media server", "call recordings")