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Schedules view


This view manages Schedules. A schedule is a collection of time settings that determine when campaigns are running (on), not running (off), or partially on (placing only scheduled calls). Schedules are optional, but in practice they are often used.  If a campaign has no schedule, it must be turned on or off manually. Schedules automate this task.

Once a schedule has been created, it can be assigned to a campaign. However, an assigned schedule has no effect unless the campaign is configured to dial according to schedule. If the campaign is off, the schedule is ignored.

The fact that a campaign is on does not guarantee that it is dialing. A predictive, power, or preview campaign with no agents logged in will not dial any calls.  Dialer will not place calls until at least one agent is logged in.  Agentless campaigns dial when the campaign is on. Note also that Zone Sets override schedules. If the Zone Set assigned to a campaign does not permit any dialing for the campaign, no contacts are called.

A schedule can contain two types of time settings:

  • Weekly Schedules specify days of the week and hours of the day when the campaign is on or dialing scheduled calls only.  A typical weekly setting might match business hours: Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

  • One-Time Exceptions specify hourly ranges that apply to individual calendar days or ranges of calendar days.  These are often used to turn a campaign off during a holiday. Exception schedules take precedence over weekly schedules.  

While adding holiday exceptions to a Dialer schedule is always the safest practice, adding holidays is optional. If agents will not be logged in, dialing will not happen unless the campaign is agentless. See How Schedules are evaluated for information about the method that CCS uses to evaluate schedule entries to determine whether to start or stop a campaign.

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