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Who can see and listen to recordings

The following table summaries the conditions under which users can see recordings.

Under these conditions...

You can see...

You have the Monitor Columns security right

The EnableSupervisoryRecordAndMonitor server parameter is enabled

You are a supervisor
Your own recording

A supervisor's recording

A non-supervisor's recording

A system recording by Interaction Recorder
No (Any) (Any) Yes No No No
Yes No (Any) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Note: Users can always see their own recordings. If the EnableSupervisoryRecordandMonitor server parameter is turned on, then only supervisors can see recordings for other users.

For more information about the EnableSupervisoryRecordAndMonitor parameter, see Packaged Server Parameters.

For more information about the Monitor Columns security right, see Assign security rights


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