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Interaction Feedback is an IC Business Manager module that creates automated, post-call customer satisfaction surveys that ask your customers discerning questions about your company's products and services.


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The Interaction Feedback Statistics view displays real-time statistics for surveys that customers are in the process of taking.

Real-time monitoring helps you understand what your company is doing well and what immediate actions might need to be taken to meet customer expectations.

If this view category does not appear when you add a view, contact your CIC System Administrator. See Licenses, Security and Access Control Rights.

For Interaction Feedback statistics, "today" is relative to component start time, not server time

When viewing the Feedback statistics page, all statistics pertain to "today", and statistic times are relative to the local date for the CIC server where the Feedback sub-system is installed. All "last hour" statistics are relative to the last 60 minutes in time and updated continually. For example, if a survey is completed at 2:30 PM, it will register between 2:30 PM and 3:29 PM.  Likewise, if a survey is completed at 11:45 PM on Monday, the event will count in "last hour" statistics between Monday 11:45 PM and Tuesday 12:44 AM.

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