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Interaction Optimizer is a workforce management module in IC Business Manager which manages shift schedules that account for multiple interaction types, agent skill sets and the typical peaks and valleys in customer volume.  Interaction Optimizer provides intelligent forecasting, scheduling and real-time adherence information.


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The Real Time Adherence view displays schedule adherence information for agents currently scheduled by Interaction Optimizer.

It monitors agents’ adherence to schedule at all times, providing instant feedback, to help call centers maintain proactive control over agent schedules.

To use the Real Time Adherence view, a combination of license and ACL rights must be assigned to you. No security rights are required to use this view. If this view category does not appear when you add a view, contact your CIC Administrator. License and ACL requirements are summarized below.

Required Licenses

Interaction Optimizer's view category icon is visible only when the user has been assigned the Optimizer Supervisor Plug-in license in Interaction Administrator. Your CIC Administrator manages these license assignments for you.  The Display Optimizer Real-Time Adherence Statistics license should also be assigned to agents to allow Supervisor to monitor their adherence. See Licenses for the procedure used to assign licenses to users.

Required ACL Right

Your CIC Administrator must enable the selection of Scheduling Units in order for you to add the Real Time Adherence view. In Interaction Administrator, ACL rights are assigned from the Security tab of a configuration record, after clicking the Access Control button.

Under Application rights, for the "Optimizer Scheduling Units" group, check the View column. This grants view only access to Interaction Optimizer Scheduling Units.


If access to a scheduling unit is removed from a supervisor user when that person is looking at a Real Time Adherence view, a message will appear to advise that access rights were modified.

When this message is dismissed, the view will close. This message is also displayed if IC Business Manager is opened with an Optimizer view with scheduling unit access removed.

See also Licenses, Security and Access Control Rights.


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