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Supervisor Related Licenses

Licenses determine whether or not a view category appears when adding a Supervisor view.  If a view category is not visible, an administrator can assign licenses as follows:

View Category

License assigned on User Configuration - Licensing tab

Agents and Workgroups

Workgroup Supervisor Plug-in


Interaction Feedback Status

Views in the Interaction Feedback Status category are automatically enabled if the Feedback feature license is present on the server. This feature license is not allocated to users on the licensing tab of a user configuration.


Interaction Optimizer

Optimizer Supervisor Plug-in: Interaction Optimizer view category is not visible unless this license is assigned to a user.


Display Optimizer Real-Time Adherence Statistics: assign to agents to allow Supervisor to monitor their adherence.


System Status

System Status Supervisor Plug-in


Interaction Tracker

Access to Interaction Tracker module. This license is not required by the Interaction Details Supervisor view.


Optional Interaction Analyzer columns in Queue Controls

Two feature licenses control whether or not Interaction Analyzer columns appear in queue controls.



Interaction Conference

This feature license is not used by Supervisor views.

Interaction Conference requires a feature license on the main Interaction Center license. The required license key is


If the feature license is not present, Interaction Conference is fully functional, but all PIN numbers will be rejected when invitees attempt to call into a conference. When the license is not present, all callers are told "Your PIN is invalid. Goodbye."

Interaction Supervisor uses the licensing model introduced in CIC. A license is assigned to a user, or it may be concurrent. A user can be configured in Interaction Administrator to have an assignable or concurrent license, but not both.

  • An assignable license is one allocated to a specific user or station.

  • A concurrent license supports a number of simultaneous users accessing an application or feature. It allows users to acquire available licenses dynamically, or as needed, via a network connection. A centralized service maintains a list of users and licenses available and in use, much like a library loans limited copies of resources to authorized patrons.

To assign a feature license in Interaction Administrator, your CIC Administrator must:

  1. Select the Users container in Interaction Administrator.

  2. Double-click a user name in the right pane. The User Configuration dialog is displayed.

  3. Select the Licensing tab page.

  4. Select a license allocation method to use (assignable or concurrent).

  5. In the Additional Licenses list, check boxes for licenses that the user needs (see table above). For more information on configuring the Licensing page, press F1 to open the Interaction Administrator Help.