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Interaction Scripter Attributes

Attributes are data items passed by actions to the CIC server.  A Dialer attribute is data from a column in a database that is associated with a campaign.  Every Dialer database column is automatically associated with a script object of the same name with IS_Attr_ prefixed.  For example, the database column "address" is available as script attribute "IS_ATTR_ADDRESS". 

If the attribute is first declared in the script, it will go back to the Dialer server during a call complete function, and it can be accessed from a handler.  In the CIC environment, an attribute is a piece of information about an object (such as a telephone call) that travels with the object.  An example might be the telephone number of the individual called during a campaign.  The server passes attributes to the client application when a new call event occurs.  The client passes attributes to the server when a call-complete action is performed.

  • Predictive attributes are attributes that are normally used with either a Predictive, Preview or Power dialing campaigns.  These attributes are not to be used in blended environments, for example in inbound pages loaded in scripter.  The predictive base view for dialer is not loaded in an inbound page, thus these attributes would not return any values.

  • System Services attributes are supplemental predictive attributes that retrieve information about a Dialer agent, such as the agent's name, or ID . You can also use system services to change an agent's status.

  • Custom attributes are also supported. Scripter provides the ability to create any attribute within a custom script.  These attributes can be references to the actual values in the call list or can be a newly created attribute declared in a meta tag within the pages loaded in scripter.

Scripter attributes are normally data of some sort that is associated with a call that is on the user's queue.  These attributes normally consist of the data that came from the call list that the campaign was dialing from.  Custom attributes can be also created for added flexibility.  These variables stay persistent through out the life of the call while it is on the users queue.  Because of this persistence, it is very good practice at the time of disposition to clear out all relevant attributes to reduce the chance that stale data might populate the newly arrived call.  All basic scripter attributes are prefixed with IS_Attr_ . This prefix tells Scripter that this is a attribute that is must retrieve or maintain data through out the session.  A few system attributes are read-only. Most read-only attributes start with IS_System_, but a few IS_Attr_ attributes are read only also.