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Dial a Number Inside the Organization

You can use the CIC client to dial the extension of someone within your organization. The extension for a user is listed in the Company Directory or other directories. You can watch the status of the call in My Interactions.

To dial a number inside the organization:

  1. Find the extension you want to call in the directory.

Tip: To locate an entry, start typing in the filter boxes. Enter the first few letters of an entry (if it’s an alphabetical column), or enter the first few numbers of an entry (if it’s a numerical column). For more information, see Working with the Company Directory.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Double-click a row in the directory list to dial the default number for that person.

    • Single-click any of the hyper-linked phone numbers displayed in the row.

    • Select a directory entry and click the appropriate Dial button.

    • Right-click a person’s name to display this drop-down menu. Click one of the displayed "Dial" entries.

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