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Introduction to E-mail Tools

The E-mail tools are for retrieving and sending e-mail and voice mail. Refer to the CIC ACD Processing Technical Reference for more information about how to configure e-mail for a custom workgroup.

Note: The E-mail tools cannot access folders located on user’s local machines. In order for the Open Folder tool to work, the folder being accessed must reside on the mail server. In other words, if you plan to allow users to access their voice mail messages remotely (over the telephone), then users must have their email delivered to their mailbox on the Exchange or Domino server.

Click on a tool below to learn more about that tool:

Change Message Status

Change Message Status By Cookie

Create Folder

Delete Folder

Delete Message

Delete Message By Cookie

Email Interaction Create

Email Interaction Disconnect

Email Interaction Get Message

Email Interaction Hold

Email Interaction Insert Attachment

Email Interaction Park

Email Interaction Send Message

Email Interaction Transfer

Email Interaction Update Message

File To Recording

Find Message

Find Messages

Forward Message

Get Contained Folder

Get Cookie From Message

Get Message Count

Get Message From Cookie

Get Out of Office Status

Get Quota

Get Quota Resources

Get Quota Roots

Get Recipient Info

Is Distribution List Member

Mail Exchanger DNS Lookup

Make Attached File

Make Cookie

Make Email Body

Move Message

Move Message Ex

Open Attached File

Open Attached Message

Open Message

Open Folder

Open Message

Open Message By Cookie

Parse Cookie

Parse Email Body

Query Mail System

Reply-to Message

Send Email

Send Fax

Send Message Light Notification

Send Voice Mail

Send VPIM Message

Set Out of Office Status

Update Folder

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