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Add-in Versioning

As with any public API, versioning is a concern. The Interaction Connection Add-ins API takes a conservative approach to versioning by using a specific API version number. When creating add-ins for Interaction Connect, keep the following points concerning versioning in mind:

  • The add-in API is automatically loaded and is tied to a specific version of Interaction Connect.
  • With each new release of Interaction Connect, we strongly encourage you to test your add-ins for compatability.
  • If, in a future release, you want to create an add-in that takes advantage of a new feature, but remains backwards compatible, you will need to check the ININ.Addins.apiVersion property against the API you want to use.

    For example, suppose that you are creating an add-in that is using a new feature in CIC 2016 R3, but you want the add-in to work in CIC 2016 R1 as well (without the additional features). If so, you will use something like the following example code:

if (ININ.Addins.apiVersion >= 2) {