This section includes documentation on some key areas of the IceLib API, such as overview information and examples for common use cases. It can be challenging for a new developer to determine where to get started with the elements of a namespace. These topics are meant to "jump start" that effort, providing some important aspects to be aware of for a particular API area. Additionally, by providing focused example snippets around common tasks, these topics provide quicker understanding of what's possible and how to make those possibilities into reality.


The quick start topics are a great place to get started with the elements of a namespace. Then, the IceLib SDK's more full-featured example applications can serve as a great resource for example code in the context of developing real applications that allow users to perform larger tasks.

Example Applications
IceLib ships with full-featured sample applications in several languages (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET).

Custom Profile Migration
The CustomProfile class contains methods for retrieving and saving custom application settings.

Visual Studio
Setting up a custom IceLib-based application in Visual Studio requires some specific settings.

Connecting to the Server
The ININ.IceLib.Connection namespace contains classes for connecting to an IC Server.

The ININ.IceLib.Configuration namespace contains classes for configuring an IC Server.

The ININ.IceLib.Interactions namespace contains classes for manipulating Interaction Center interaction queues.

The ININ.IceLib.Statistics namespace contains classes for viewing, editing, and responding to alerts and statistics.

Statistics Catalog
The statistics catalog contains the display name, description, type, units, required statistic parameters (if any), etc. for each available statistic.

Custom Notifications
The CustomNotification class, along with some associated classes, contains functionality for sending and receiving notifications to and from custom handlers and IceLib applications.