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PureConnect supports and integrates with various email platforms to provide access to customers' email channels. Agents can respond to queued email messages and supervisors can report on and track email interactions (by media type). Email routing follows similar rules and requirements as calls, and you can customize email handling using Interaction Attendant, handler modifications in Interaction Designer, and ICWS APIs.  

Get Started

System software requirements

Tested email platforms

Tested email clients


Release Notes

Release Notes Web app


Email Documentation

Gmail Integration Technical Reference

Microsoft Outlook Interaction Desktop

Interaction Message Store Technical Reference



PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide

Email account configuration

ACD and secure email configuration


Supervisor Features

Email statistics view

Email interaction report


Agent Features

Working with email messages in Interaction Connect

Working with email messages in Interaction Desktop

Email configuration for agents in Interaction Connect

Email configuration for agents in Interaction Desktop

Developer Resources

ICWS API documentation for email

Workgroup queue statistics by media type

Email operations in Interaction Attendant
Email tools

Additional Resources


PureConnect Community

Support Self-Help  

Email related KB articles