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Interaction SIP Proxy

Interaction SIP Proxy is a program that enables a server to act in a similar fashion as a Customer Interaction Center server in its ability to route SIP requests to a local area network (LAN), a wide area network (WAN), or to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Additionally, Interaction SIP Proxy can host configuration files and firmware for IP telephones, facilitate locally-based routes, and provide consistent routing should a network connection or a Customer Interaction Center server interruption occur.

Release Notes

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Interaction SIP Proxy Documentation

Interaction SIP Proxy Technical Reference

Interaction SIP Proxy Help (installed with SIP Proxy)

Interaction SIP Proxy Help PDF



SIP Proxy Configuration in Interaction Administrator

Interaction SIP Proxy Technical Reference

PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide

CIC Port Maps and Data Flow Diagrams Spreadsheet

Developer Resources

ICWS API documentation for SIP Proxy


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