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Use the Journey Map view

Requirements: To display the Journey Map view, you need a Tracker Access License and the Related Interactions Page Security right. You also need the Customize Client Security right in order to add a new view to Interaction Connect. The View History Users Access Control right determines whose interactions appear in the Related Interactions tab of the Journey Map view. Additionally, you need the View Other People’s Private Interactions Security Right to view other users' private interactions in the Interactions tab.

Tips for using the Journey Map view


Active interaction

The currently selected interaction is highlighted.


Journey Map button

If Interaction Connect does not automatically associate the current interaction with a contact, you can Quick Add a Contact or Associate an interaction with a Contact from the My Interactions view.


Journey Map view

The Journey Map view enables you to view interactions related to the contact for your currently selected interaction.

Tip: For more information about on enabling this view to appear in the CIC client, see Journey Map view.



You can Add a Contact, Find a Contact, Add an Organization, or Find an Organization from this menu.


Choose columns

Click this control to select the information displayed for each interaction in the Journey Map view. For more information, see Add or Remove View Columns.


First column

  • The type of interaction is indicated by an icon. You can hover over an icon to display the name of the type.

  • The Record icon indicates a recording is available for this interaction.


Selected related interaction

You can View Interaction Properties and Play Back a recording (if one exists) for the currently selected related interaction.


List of related interactions

This is a list of interactions related to the contact for the currently selected interaction.


Interaction Properties

To View Interaction Properties, double-click an interaction or select and interaction and click Interaction Properties.


Play Recording

To Play Back a Recorded Interaction, select an interaction and click Play Recording.