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Interaction Quality

The My Quality Results view in Interaction Connect provides secure access to scorecards and their associated recordings. You can review recordings of your interactions and acknowledge scorecards for these interactions in the My Quality Results view.

Requirements: To view and use the My Quality Results view, you need the Interaction Quality Monitoring Agent license. To play back recordings  from this view, you also need the Interaction Recorder Client Access license. To properly generate and assign these licenses, the CIC administrator should follow the instructions in License Agents for the My Quality Results View in Interaction Connect.

Important: The My Quality Results view also requires that the PureConnect administrator use HTTPS certificates signed by a third-party certificate authority for the CIC server and any associated Interaction Recorder Remote Content Service servers and for proxies forwarding traffic by HTTPS. If these servers do not use an HTTPS certificate signed by a third-party certificate authority, Interaction Connect users can encounter a certificate warning from a web browser that requires the user to accept or bypass the warning to view playback recordings.

For more information, see the following documents in the PureConnect Documentation Library. For the CIC server, see "Create Signing Requests and Import Third-Party Signed Certificate" in the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide. For the Remote Content Service, see "Create an HTTPS certificate signed by a certificate authority for viewing playback recordings" in the Interaction Recorder Remote Content Service Installation and Configuration Guide.

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