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My Quality Results

Requirement: See Interaction Quality.

The My Quality Results view provides secure access to scorecards and their associated recordings of your interactions. The My Quality Results view can display a list of scorecards or a selected scorecard. When required, you can acknowledge that you reviewed these scorecards.

Scorecard List

You can display a list of scorecard for selected dates or display only scorecards that require acknowledgment.


Filter by

You can search by date or for scorecards that require acknowledgment.



The view is blank until you click Search to find Scorecards that match your search filter.



Display the Scorecard view for the selected Scorecard and

  • see Media Details

  • listen to a call recording

  • read a chat recording

  • view Scorecard details

  • acknowledge the Scorecard



Turns the Scorecard Preview pane on or off.


Sort by column

Click any column heading to sort the search results. Click once for ascending order, twice for descending order.


Column tooltip

Hover over a column heading to display a tooltip.



Icons indicate whether you have acknowledged a scorecard or if acknowledgment is not required. Hover over an icon to display a tooltip that identifies it.


Recording type

Icons indicate the type of recorded interaction. Hover over an icon to display a tooltip that identifies it.


Selected Scorecard

The currently selected scorecard is highlighted. Click the Scorecard ID or double-click anywhere in the row to display a selected scorecard.


Search results

Displays the Scorecards that match your search criteria. Scorecards returned displays the number of scorecards that were found.



Adjust the relative heights of the scorecard list and preview sections in the My Quality Results view.

Scorecard Preview

This Scorecard preview section displays scorecard scoring and questions. It provides the details of how your supervisor or manager scored this interaction. You can acknowledge the scorecard in this view or open the scorecard in a more detailed view before signing off on it.


Scorecard Preview

View scorecard details here or in the Scorecard view. The Preview button turns this Scorecard Preview on and off.


Scores and Rank

Supervisors and other managers score recordings in Interaction Recorder for IC Business Manager. They also use Interaction Quality Manager to create the questionnaires used to score recordings. For more information, see the PureConnect Documentation Library.

  • Overall Score: A calculated average of the scores for all the question groups in the scorecard.

  • Overall Rank: A ranking for the scorecard based on a percentage scale for scores as defined in Interaction Quality Manager. For example, A could stand for 90-100 percent, B for 80-89 percent, and so on.

  • Critical Score: The number of critical questions with passing grades over the total number of critical questions.


Question Groups

Expand a Question Group to review the answers in detail.

Note: A chat icon indicates that at least one question in this group has a comment. Comments are highlighted.


Acknowledgement button

Click Acknowledge Scorecard to display the Scorecard Acknowledgement dialog box where you can indicate you have reviewed the selected scorecard and enter comments.

If you have already acknowledged this scorecard, you can click View Acknowledgement to review any comments you made when acknowledging this scorecard.

Note: If no acknowledgment is required, no button appears.